We own and control the entire production chain from harvesting of trees through to distillation and final despatch of oil. This enables us to have a traceable production system where we can link oil production to the specific source of trees.

Over the years we have developed ground breaking innovations throughout the production process, from revolutionary tree harvest equipment suited to tree size, to innovative biomass handling systems allowing us to run the boiler on our harvested biomass resource, thereby minimising our carbon footprint.

The Kochii species is local to the region and all our supply is plantation-based that regrows after harvest and can be re-harvested in two to three years. As a native plant our plantings attract a wide range of local animals, insects and fungi, there have even been many sightings of echidna diggings!

The safety of our dedicated team is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to constantly improving our existing safe work practices that already comply to Australian standards.

To ensure the quality of the oil we regularly sample test aligning with the industry-best-practice through the Analytical Research Laboratory, Southern Cross University.

We love Australian eucalyptus oil and freely share our knowledge with others in the industry.