Posted 17 Jul 2020

Over the past few months the team at Kochii have been asked some really interesting questions in regards to our oil, how its produced and sustainability. We thought we would take some of the most frequently asked questions and post the answers as no doubt others will have the same questions. If there is anything else you would like to know, please get in touch with us.

1) Do you sell Kochii Oil for wholesalers?

We absolutely do! We have Kochii oil available for sale at a wholesale rates for orders in excess of $500.00.  We are happy to customise the quantity based on your business needs. To get more information on purchasing Kochii on a wholesale basis please email info@kochii.com.au for all the information you need.

2) Where can I purchase the oil other than online?

We understand that not everyone likes to buy online, we are pleased to share a list   of stockists that sell Kochii directly from their stores. The full list of current stockists is available here . We are pleased to announce we now have some Queensland based outlets for those interstate. The Kochii team are proud to support businesses that support us, in turn supporting jobs and communities in regional Australia.

3) Is Kochii Oil made in Australia?

Absolutely! Our oil is made from trees grown and harvested in the Kalannie region of the Western Australian wheatbelt. Our distillery and bottling process is also in Kalannie meaning our entire production process happens in regional Western Australia.

4) What is the cineole content of Kochii Eucalyptus Oil?

Cineole is an important component off any eucalyptus oil and gives the oil its unique aroma, we are pleased to advise our natural cineole content is the highest of any eucalyptus oil in the world at 90-95% as crude oil straight from our distillery.

5) Can Kochii oil be shipped anywhere in Australia?

Yes! Kochii Oil can be shipped anywhere within Australia, we have our packaging process down-pat to ensure your oil will arrive safely at your door step in retail bottles or in bulk

6) Can Kochii Oil be shipped internationally?

Unfortunately, Kochii Oil cannot be air freighted in quantities over 100mls due to it being flammable so we do not offer overseas shipping for retail purchases. We do however have international freight arrangements in place for bulk or larger quantities, which are shipped under strict dangerous goods protocols.  

7) Do you have a Loyalty program for frequent purchasers?

We are about to launch a loyalty program for our amazing regular customers, the program details will be listed on our new website due to be launched in August 2020 watch this space for more information.

8) Where is Kochii grown and is it chemical free?

Kochii is grown in the north and central West Australian wheatbelt. Kochii does not use or apply chemicals in the management of our trees. Some of the trees we harvest are grown in rows on contour banks on grain farms and these trees may be subject to some spray drift from the adjacent crops. Some of our trees have been block planted and won’t have any exposure to chemicals or sprays. Kochii are in the process of accrediting a 1200 ha farm with more than 1 million trees as organic, a process that will take until mid-2021 however we are working on an “in conversion” certification being available in the next month or so. We are very mindful of the natural qualities of our oils and we go to some length to ensure our farmers manage the overspray and drift risk as much as is possible to ensure our trees stay vigorous and healthy and our oils as nature intended them.

9) Where is Kochii oil bottled?

All of our oil is bottled in Kalannie, Western Australia, the bottles are then sent to our Head Office in West Perth for distribution.

10) What can you use Kochii Oil for?

What can’t you use Kochii for? Eucalyptus oil is so versatile, we have put together a list of uses available here. The main uses our  customers share with us include; vapour inhaling for respiratory health, cleaning, medicinal, aromatherapy, self care and of course for gifts!

11) How do I become a stockist?

We have some great options available for businesses who wish to stock Kochii Oil. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, please email info@kochii.com.au.  Once we have an idea of your business needs we will be able to send a special stockist pack just for you.

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