“Buying from the Bush”, what it truly means to be Aussie Made

Posted 20 May 2020

We’ve had bushfires, we’ve had floods, and now we’ve had a pandemic. When things get tough, Australians love showing their support for each other by spending their hard earned dollars locally – locally grown and locally produced – and they call upon the little green and gold kangaroo logo to show them the way.

When a product carries the “Australian Made”, “Product of Australia” or “Grown in Australia” logo they all say Australian but mean very different things. So, what do each of these titles mean, and why are they not all the same thing?

  • Australian Made means that the product has undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia.
  • Australian Grown means that all of the product’s significant ingredients have been grown in Australia and all/nearly all of the processing has been carried out in Australia.
  • Product of Australia means that all of the product’s significant ingredients come from Australia and all/nearly all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia

As a consumer, this information is helpful to you in making purchasing decisions. 

If a product has the “Australian Made” logo on it, you may well assume that it is a wholly Australian made product.   This is not entirely correct as only the last part of the process needs to have taken place in Australia. It is possible that a significant portion of the ingredients could have been sourced from overseas and or part of the processing as well.

The “Australian Grown” and “Product of Australia” logos are more significant for those looking to purchase locally grown and produced as they are only granted when nearly all of the ingredients and processing has taken place in Australia.

One thing you can be sure of though, all of these badges are licenced so can only be used on products where the criteria has been met.    

Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is licensed as Australian Grown and as a Product of Australia, giving you peace of mind in knowing that when you buy Kochii you are supporting an Australian producer and manufacturer as our oil is harvested in the wheatbelt and distilled and bottled in the small WA town of Kalannie. How Aussie is that!

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