Over the past few months the team at Kochii have been asked some really interesting questions in regards to our oil, how its produced and sustainability. We thought we would take some of the most frequently asked questions and post the answers as no doubt others will have the same questions. If there is anything […]

Wash with Kochii

This month we thought we would share a recipe so that you can make your own washing liquid or powder using Kochii Eucalyptus Oil. DIY washing liquid is highly cost effective and gentle on clothes, using Kochii Oil also brings a healthy yet powerful disinfectant to your wash. Please be aware that the following recipes […]

“Buying from the Bush”, what it truly means to be Aussie Made

We’ve had bushfires, we’ve had floods, and now we’ve had a pandemic. When things get tough, Australians love showing their support for each other by spending their hard earned dollars locally – locally grown and locally produced – and they call upon the little green and gold kangaroo logo to show them the way. When […]

Poison Labelling

Many people are confused as to why a natural, medicinal product such as eucalyptus oil needs to be labeled as a poison. We have penned this blog to explain this in detail, and to assure you that as long as Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is used correctly (as with any product), it poses no threat. Paracelsus […]

Keeping it clean with Kochii

One of the most common uses for eucalyptus oil is cleaning. The active ingredient to look for when using eucalyptus oil is cineole. The higher the cineole concentrate, the more efficient the cleaner. It’s important to look for products that contain over 70% cineole concentrate. Kochii contains between 90%-95% cineole. Sadly, although Eucalypts are an Australian tree, only 5% of eucalyptus production happens within Australia. […]