The world’s finest quality natural eucalyptus oil, grown and produced in Western Australia

Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is extracted through the time-honoured process of steam-distillation, from plantings established and owned by farmers in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia, making this product 100% Australian made.

Kochii Eucalyptus Oil Infused CandleEucalyptus Kochii

Kochii is produced exclusively from plantations of Eucalyptus kochii, containing the highest oil content of any of the 800 species of eucalypts. More importantly, Eucalyptus Kochii has 95% concentrate of cineole, the highest of any species in the world. Thus, making Kochii the highest quality of Eucalyptus oil available on the market, worldwide. Find out more about our sustainable product and production process.

The uniqueness and purity of Kochii provides a strong but relatively delicate fragrance, which is both evocative but tantalising at the same time.

  • FAQ

    Kochii is one of the highest grades of eucalyptus oil containing 90-95% cineole concentration, which makes it unique. The oil comes straight from our planted trees, steamed and distilled. There is absolutely no rectification, blending or alteration of any kind. Owing to it’s high grade and intensity, for safety the oil should always be diluted and not applied directly to the skin at full strength or ingested undiluted.
    The health benefits of eucalyptus are endless, and it has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes for years. People use the oil and dried leaves of eucalyptus for common colds, respiratory problems, skin conditions, insect bites and muscular pain. Ensure the oil is diluted when applying to the skin and consult your GP for further reassurance.
    Yes! Eucalyptus has proven disinfectant and deodorizing properties. If you are interested, view Uses of Kochii for suggestions on using our oil as a natural cleaning solvent.
    As mentioned above, eucalyptus has been used for medicinal purposes and is most commonly used as a natural cleaning solvent.
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