Wash with Kochii

Posted 22 Jun 2020

This month we thought we would share a recipe so that you can make your own washing liquid or powder using Kochii Eucalyptus Oil.

DIY washing liquid is highly cost effective and gentle on clothes, using Kochii Oil also brings a healthy yet powerful disinfectant to your wash.

Please be aware that the following recipes are DIY, and as such may differ between  each maker and each batch always spot test before use to make sure its suitable for your clothes and washing machine.

DIY Kochii Oil washing liquid


  • 10 Litre bucket with lid
  • 1 Bar of Kochii soap
  • 50 drops of Kochii eucalyptus oil
  • 1 cup of Borax
  • ½ cup Lectric soda powder or similar  washing soda
  • 9-10L of water


Place the cup of borax and washing soda in the bucket with 2 litres of water, stir to combine. Grate the bar of soap and add it to a saucepan, add a cup of water and stir over medium heat until the soap melts (stir regularly). Add the soap mixture to the bucket  together  with 50 drops of Kochii oil. Fill the bucket with water (leave a bit of space at the top) and stir. Leave to set over night with a fastened lid. Use roughly ¼- 1/2 cup per load depending on size.

DIY Kochii washing powder


  • Airtight container
  • 1 bar of Kochii soap
  • 2 cups of Lectric soda powder or similar washing soda
  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 30 drops of Kochii eucalyptus oil (recommend using a dropper bottle for this recipe)


Add the Lectric soda and the baking  soda to a large mixing bowl and stir. Finely grate the soap bar and add to the bowl. Stir well and continue to stir while adding Kochii oil until completely mixed. Store in an airtight container such as a large jar. Use about two heaped tablespoons per load.

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