kochii_processThe process behind the production of Kochii Eucalyptus Oil owes itself to a long history of experience and expertise with Eucalyptus kochii, and the Western Australian wheatbelt region. Not just from us, but also from a generation of farmers and a team of government agency staff who fulfilled a long-term vision for this tough, native tree to be planted back into its landscape.

The aim has always been to provide a use for this native tree which means farmers can afford to plant it back into their farm landscapes.

Plantings re-grow (“coppice”) after previous harvest for approximately 3 years, before being ready to be harvested again.

From seed collected throughout the natural range, the planted trees benefit the landscape in a variety of important ways, including:

  • Returning green coverage within paddocks, and giving wind and sun protection to soils and livestock.
  • Providing habitat for native insects, fungi, flora and fauna.
  • Using excess water and protecting valley floors from rising salinity.

In addition, other tree species we have planted are left unharvested as carbon sinks.


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