The overall process whilst simple has taken many years to develop and perfect with the complexity lying in the harvesting of the trees and the widely dispersed mallee plantings integrated throughout the farming landscape.

Mature trees are harvested from an existing pool of trees and after two to three years re-grow and are able to be harvested again. To expand our supply of trees we look to plant new trees so that in four years these will be ready for harvesting. Between harvesting the trees are providing other environmental benefits such as:

  • Shelterbelts for livestock and soils giving wind and sun protection.
  • Providing habitat for native insects, fungi, flora and fauna.
  • Protecting valley floors from rising salinity.

The uniquely designed harvester collects the foliage with minimum impact to the trees. The added advantage of the re-grown trees is that generally there is a greater ratio of leaves to wood equating to higher oil yields.

The leaves are steam distilled powered by burning waste leaf from previous extractions. The water used for steaming and for cooling is continually recycled through the production process. The extracted oil is then packaged and distributed while the trees grow naturally.