Behind Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is a long history of experience and expertise with Eucalyptus kochii and the Western Australian wheatbelt region. Not just from us, but also from a generation of farmers and a team of government agency staff who fulfilled a long-term vision for this useful, native tree to be planted back into its landscape.

The beauty of this species of eucalypt is not only its ability to flourish in a harsh semi arid region but also to re-grow after being harvested. Plantings re-grow (“coppice”) after harvesting for approximately two to three years before being ready to harvest again.  This facilitates a sustainable supply of trees on a rotational basis whilst providing other benefits to the natural environment.

The unique oil is produced from a process with a net positive impact on the surrounding environment, making it extremely sustainable.

  • The trees themselves protect the farmland in this ancient landscape from wind erosion and desertification, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • The steaming process for oil extraction is powered by burning waste leaf from previous extractions. This is a ‘closed carbon cycle’, with the subsequent regrowth drawing carbon again out of the atmosphere.

Water used for steaming and for cooling is continually recycled through the production process. The species grown is actually local to the region, so a wide range of animals, insects and fungi utilise the plantings. Many sightings of echidna diggings!