The Team Behind Kochii Oil, the World’s Best Quality Eucalyptus Oil

Born out of a keen interest in agriculture, and inspired by the future of sustainability in Australia, Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is the result of the collective inspiration, dedication and hard work of the following team leaders.


kochii oil team

Danny Fakhre, Chairman

Mr. Fakhre is a successful business proprietor with diversified international interests, who owns rural properties and continues to be a major supplier of livestock worldwide. Danny is confident about the future of agriculture in Western Australia, and views the combination of traditional agricultural pursuits and commercial tree crops as a sound and complimentary diversification. Danny is passionate about Kochii Eucalyptus Oil.


kochii oil team

Mike Walter, Director & Manager

Mike has over 40 years of agribusiness experience, and joined the Company in 2008 after holding several senior executive positions in the rural banking industry. Over the years he has developed a keen interest in agri- forestry enterprises, and assists Danny Fakhre with local management. Mike has a wide network of contacts and relationships in agribusiness industries across Australia and internationally.


kochii oil team

Dan Wildy, Operations

As a professional forester, Eucalyptus kochii is Dan’s favourite and most respected tree species.

His passion for the oil of Eucalyptus kochii came from being involved in the first trial of oil production when he had just left school. Following that, Dan completed his PhD at the University of Western Australia on the growth and physiology of Eucalyptus kochii in the Kalannie region of WA, and has since been involved in planting the species throughout its natural range. Dan is now responsible for the commercial production of Kochii Eucalyptus Oil, and also carries out reforestation and carbon sequestration activities.


kochii oil team

Ian Stanley, Director

Ian is a third generation farmer, whose family owns and operates a 25,000ha wheat and sheep farm in Kalannie in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Ian’s father, the late Don Stanley, is widely regarded as the founder of the oil mallee industry in Australia, which included the introduction of Eucalyptus kochii into farming enterprises. Ian’s experience in running a large broad acre farming enterprise with integrated mallee plantations led
to his election as President and Chairman of the Oil Mallee Association of Australia (‘OMA’) in 2003.

Ian is passionate about growing small rural communities through new industry and farming enterprises. He has been awarded both the State and National Landcare Awards for Individuals.

Ian has been the driving force behind the development of the oil production system in use at Kalannie over the past decade, and currently also serves as a Director of Rainbow Bee Eater, a company involved in ground breaking technology involving biochar and renewable energy.