Eucalyptus kochii

Our unique story begins with Eucalyptus kochii (pronounced “koh-chee-eye”), found only in the semi-arid interior of Western Australia. Growing in an ancient and fragile landscape, it is known for its unique and delicate flora, huge dry salt lakes and billion-year old granite monoliths.

Calling WA’s Central Wheatbelt home, and extending into the Goldfields, our product has its roots firmly planted in only one species of tree. Eucalyptus kochii remnant trees are usually hundreds or thousands of years old themselves and, just like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, they “re-sprout” after fire from buds protected underground in the large, woody swellings at their base of their stems, called a lignotuber.

The leaves of Eucalyptus kochii contain the valuable and unique essential oil used solely within our products. This oil protects the tree from herbivores, and, being flammable, encourages the landscape to burn, which in turn incites the continued survival of the species.

Our entire production process has a net positive impact on the surrounding environment. The valuable oil from the trees are extracted, by steaming the leaves from trees planted on farms, using water that is continually recycled throughout the production process and using processed leaves to fire the boiler.

Our Kochii Eucalyptus Oil

Of the 800 species of eucalypts in the world, Eucalyptus kochii contains the greatest concentration of cineole, the component which characterizes eucalyptus oil. Kochii Eucalyptus Oil is as rare as it pure, evoking a delicate fragrance that is both tantalizing and evocative to all the senses.

After distillation, the oil is simply allowed to settle until it is bottled.

What’s more? Our products and brand have been built form the ground up (quite literally), and born from a passion for our country’s raw, natural history, unique landscape, and sustainable living. To find out more about our sustainable processes and how our Eucalyptus Oil is brought to life, click here.